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"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors." 

A Generational Legacy 

Tia Walker, Author of The Inspired Caregiver

Since the early 90's, our family has been proud to be members of the Monroe community.  Melonie Adkinson Claybrook retired from the Monroe School District at the age of 49 after being diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009;  she had an Astrocytoma tumor removed, beating the odds by undergoing extensive treatment and choosing to practice her belief in the power of positive mindset.

Late in 2018, Melonie experienced a traumatic accident which resulted in her using a wheelchair fulltime and utilizing in-home care services to assist with her daily needs.  Based on Melonie's increased amount of care -  as well as the safety oversight for both Melonie and her mother, Gerri - they decided to make the move into an assisted living facility where meals, housekeeping, entertainment and access to 24/7 safety would be provided. 



2009 Brain Cancer Walk.jpg

Seattle Brain Cancer Walk in 2009 

Mom MRI.jpg

We are thankful for 13   years of clear MRI's

Things went well for a short period of time;  however, like many families (...especially during a global pandemic!)  we experienced the frustration of overpromised services, overwhelmingly long response times, and shared empathy for the staff, which comprised largely of burned out caregivers - all tasked with too many unrealistic expectations and often emotionally drained. 

In August of 2020, as a family, they decided to have Melonie and Gerri reside at home with Jessica and Scott in order to get Melonie the one-on-one care and greater attention to physical therapy she needed. 

After many discussions (...and several games of Yahtzee!)  between the three generations, it was decided that Jessica would pursue opening an Adult Family Home which would best support Melonie's need for one-on-one care and bring a premier option to the Monroe community.  Jessica left her career in an executive leadership position of a local assisted living & memory care facility to pursue the Adult Family Home administrator training through Washington State Department of Social & Health Services as well as complete her Certification in Gerontology through the University of Washington. 

Proud sponsors of Monroe's 1st Pride Celebration in 2021
GSA Ambassador circa    2006

We found a 1925 style farmhouse home in a neighborhood next to Monroe High School  - the location felt serendipitous, as Melonie's last position prior to retiring was at MHS (Go Bearcats!)  She enjoyed a fulfilling career serving the counseling department as their Lead Secretary and is proud to be a part of the first staff ambassador team to advocate for the Gay/Straight Alliance Student Club. 

In 2021, Monroe Equity Community held their first Annual Pride Celebration;  Adkinson Estates was proud to be a sponsor and have Melonie's contribution to the local youth community honored.

Many special memories of the '21-'22 renovation! 

Garage Picture.jpg

1st Day Post-Demo in   2022

G-Wing Floorplan.jpg
G-Wing Addition 

Our renovation could not be complete without the expertise of local small businesses Cascade Custom & Remodel LLC, Frost Plumbing, Dickson Electric LLC, Prince Mechanical, Burns Fire Company, ALT Painting LLC, Re-Stor Flooring, Mack & Sons Concrete, our local Lowe's and guidance from the City of Monroe's Building Department! 

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